Ingredients NYC

Specialty Ingredients, Cocktail, Asian. Botanical, Micro, Infusion, Smoke. Terminal Market Citrus, Fruit, Tropicals. Organic, Varietal, Obscure.

Edible Flowers, Koppert Cress, Local Long Island
Order Sun for Tue, or Tue for Thu Apple Blossom 50ct
Incan Begonia 50ct
Blue Viola 50ct
Cornabria Viola 50ct
Flower Blossom Mix 75ct
Lavender Stems Fresh 6" 150ct (France)
Marigold Blossom Mix 50ct
Micro Marigold 200ct
Marigold Petals 3oz
Nasturtium Blossoms 50ct
Pansy Blossom Mix 50ct
Snapdragon Blossom 50ct
Szechuan Buzz Button 50ct
Thai Purple Orchid 100ct cont (Thailand)

Edible Flowers, Fresh Origins, West Coast Order Sun Mon only for Delivery Thu Fri Alyssum Flower Purple/White 50ct Arugula Blossoms 100ct Basil Blossoms 50ct Begonia Flower Mix 50ct Begonia Flower Pink 50ct Borage Blossoms 100ct Broccoli Flower 100ct Buzz Buttons 50ct, 200ct Calendula Flowers Orange/Yellow 50ct Carnation Blossom Mix 1.5" 50ct Cilantro Flower 50ct Cucumber Flower, Bright Yellow 50ct Dianthus Flower Mix 50ct Firestix Mix 50ct Firestix Red 50ct Herb Flower Mix 50ct Hibiscus Flower Pastel Mix 2" 50ct Jasmine Flower White 100ct Lavender, Green Stem 4" 50ct Micro Marigold Mix 200ct Nano Marigold (micro floret) 200ct Mint Lavender Flower 50ct Mum Flower Mix 50ct Micro Mum White nickel size 200ct Mustard Flower Yellow 100ct Nasturtium Mix 50ct Pea Flower purple white magenta 50ct Petal Confetti Mix various 1.5oz container Radish Flower light purple 100ct Rose Petals Red 2oz container Mini Red Rose bright red, quarter size 25ct Rose Petal Mix mixed colors 2oz 250ct Shiso Flower Mix 4" grn/wht/purp 50ct call Squash Blossom yellow 25ct Zucchini Mini with attached Flower 6" 25ct

Edible Leaves, Koppert Cress, Local Long Island
Order Sun for Tue, or Tue for Thu Maguey Fronds 10/12ct sack, Barbacoa, Mex.
Whole Bamboo Leaf 100ct cryo
Green Shiso Leaf 100ct cont
Purple Shiso Leaf 100ct cont.
Lemon Leaf "on the branch" large bunch Nasturtium Leaves 50ct
Ruscus Leaf large bunch
Kaffir Lime Leaf Bai Makrut 1lb, Cali
Kinome Leaf 50ct container call for availability

Edible Leaves, Fresh Origins, West Coast Order Sun Mon only for Delivery Thu Fri Amaranth Leaf, large multicolor 50ct Begonia Angelwing Leaf 50ct Endive Violet Flash Leaf 50ct Hoja Santa "Root Beer Leaf" 6 to 7" 25ct Kinome Leaf 50ct Maple Hibiscus Leaf, variegated, 30ct Oyster Leaf 50ct Pea Tendrils 50ct Peanut Leaf 50ct Sorrel Purple Butterfly Leaf 50ct Sorrel Silver Leaf 50ct Sunset Geranium Leaf 50ct
Cut Microgreens, Koppert Cress, Local LI, 6 / 8oz
Order Sun for Tue, or Tue for Thu
Amaranth, Wasabi, Bulls Blood Beet Top, Cilantro, Basil, Opal Basil, Carrot, Purple Shiso, Green Shiso, Celebration Mix, Rainbox Mix 8oz, Celery, Popcorn Shoots, Arugula, Chervil, Chive, Green Mustard, Red Mustard, Nasturtium Leaf 3.5oz, Pea Tendrill, Golden Pea Shoots, Purple Daikon, Watercress

Living Microgreens, Koppert Cress, Local LI
Order Sunfor Tue, or Tue for Thur
Affilla, Amaranth, Arugula, Italian Basil, Opal Basil, Borage, Carrot, Celery, Chervil, Coriander, Green Kaiware, Purple Kaiware, Sunflower, Green or Red Mustard, Red Veined Sorrel, Chive, Green or Purple Shiso, Watercress, Wasabi Cress, Zorri Cress

Fresh Whole Wasabi Rhizome, California
Large whole 4oz rhizomes 1lb
Fresh Wasabi Leaves with stems 2lb
Order Sunday for delivery Wed / Thu

Fresh Herbs, Clean, Standard 1kg box / 1lb bag, Colombia, Israel ... Mint, Basil, Thai Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Chives etc

Bittering Souring Coloring Ingredients, Organic, Dried
Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Chicory Root, Cinchona Bark, Cocoa Nibs, Gentian Root, Orange Peel ... Citric, Malic and Lactic acids, Arabic gum, Lecithin powder ... see full list of dry items below!
Butterfly Peaflower 12oz pouch WH Australia

Bitters, NYC Cocktail Standards
Angostura Aromatic 12x16oz
Angostura Aromatic 16oz bottle
Angostura Cocoa 12x4oz
Angosturs Cocoa 4oz bottle
Angostura Orange 12x4oz
Angostura Orange 4oz bottle
Peychaud's 12x10oz
Peychaud's 10oz bottle Peychaud's 5oz bottle
Regan's Orange 12x10oz
Regan's Orange 10oz bottle

Specialty Cocktail Bitters
Bittermens Elemakule Tiki 5oz
Bittermens Hellfire Habanero 5oz
Bittermens Xocolatl Mole 5oz
Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit 5oz
Luxardo Bitter Orange Bitters 200ml Luxardo Chamomile Bitters 200ml Luxardo Coffee Bitters 200ml Luxardo Rhubarb Bitters 200ml
Ms Betters Banana Bergamot 4oz
Ms Betters Black Pepper Card 4oz
Ms Betters Cafe Maderas Coffee 4oz
Ms Betters Chocolate 4oz
Ms Betters Cucumber 4oz
Ms Betters Cypress Bowl 4oz
Ms Betters Grapefruit 4oz
Ms Betters Green Strawberry Mah Kwan
Ms Betters Lime Leaf 4oz
Ms Betters Mt Fuji 4oz
Ms Betters Orange Tree 4oz
Ms Betters Pineapple Star Anise 4oz
Ms Betters Smoke & Oak 4oz
Ms Betters Sumac Kiwi 4oz
Ms Betters Tonic Bitters 4oz
Ms Betters Vegan Cocktail Foamer 4oz
Ms Betters Wormwood 4oz

Scrappy's Cardamom Bitters 4oz
Scrappy's Celery Bitters 4oz
Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters 4oz
Scrappy's Grapefruit Bitters 4oz
Scrappy's Lavender Bitters 4oz
Scrappy's Orange Bitters 4oz

The Japanese Bitters HINOKI 100ml
The Japanese Bitters SAKURA 100ml
The Japanese Bitters SHISO 100ml
The Japanese Bitters UMAMI 100ml
The Japanese Bitters YUZU 100ml

STAPPI Italian Red Bitter 24x100ml
STAPPI Italian Red Bitter 6x100ml

Bitters Closeout Specials! Limited Quantities!
Fee Bros Cherry, Grapefruit, Mint 5oz
Fee Bros Plum 5oz
Peychaud's Whiskey Barrel Aged 5oz

Filthy Black Cherries 1.25kg tin
Hotel Starlino Italian Maraschino Cherries1kg
Hotel Starlino Italian Maraschino 6x1kg tin
Luxardo Italian Maraschino 3kg Yellow Can
Toschi Italian Amarena Cherries 1kg tin

Col Pabst Worcestershire Sauce 16oz
add a star if you like PBR ! I

Brine, Roland Olive Juice 6x750ml
Brine, Roland Olive Juice 750ml
Extract Butterfly Peaflower WH 100ml
Extract Hibiscus WH 100ml
Extract Organic Lemon SW 2oz closeout
Extract Organic Orange SW 4oz closeout
Extract Organic Vanilla, 4oz closeout
Flower Water Orange Ziyad 10oz bottle
Flower Water Rose Ziyad 10oz bottle
Oil, Lemon Oil Boyajian 100ml
Oil, Lime Oil Boyajian 100ml
Oil, Orange Oil Boyajian 100ml

Honey, Sugar, Sweetener
▪︎ Honey, Full Wooden Frame Honeycomb 17x5x1" 4lbs, Galberry / Tupelo, as it was when taken from the hive, Georgia USA

▪︎ Organic Blue Agave Syrup, Wholesome Sweeteners 2x1gal (10kg total) case, 1gal(5kg)
▪︎ Sugar, Demerara Sugar Cubes, Roland, Brown, Rough Cut, 1kg box 8x1kg case
▪︎ Sugar, Demerara Sugar Granulated, Mauritius, 6x3.5lb bags (21lbs)
▪︎ Sugar, Sugar in the Raw, Bulk, 12x2lb

Juice, Japanese Citrus, Specialty
▪︎Yuzu Juice, Yakami Orchard, Japan, marugoto shibori, 6x750ml glass, individual 750ml bottles
▪︎Kabosu Juice, Yakami Orchard, Japan, marugoto shibori, 6x750ml glass, individual 750ml bottles
▪︎Sudachi Juice, Yakami Orchard, Japan, marugoto shibori, 6x750ml glass, individual 750ml bottles
Calamansi Juice, PacRim, Vietnam, 6x750ml glass, individual 750ml bottles ▪︎Pomegranate Juice, Parks, 100% Pomegranate 6x1L glass
Cranberry Juice, Lakewood, 100% Organic Pressed Cranberry, no sugar, nothing added, 6x32oz

Olives, Brined
▪︎ Olive Brine, Roland Olive Juice, 750ml, 6x750ml
▪︎ Olive Brine, Filthy, 12x8oz
▪︎ Castelvetrano Olives Large Green Pitted, Vantia, Italy 4.40lb net wt tin
▪︎ Cerignola Olives Large Green Pitted, Valesco, Italy, 4.85lb net wt tin
▪︎ Caperberries, stem on, in brine, 6x32oz, 32oz. jar
▪︎ Cornichons Roland 5kg tin
▪︎ Cocktail Onions, Filthy, 8oz jar call

Rimming Salt
Black Hawaiian Sea Salt 5lb
Sriracha Infused Sea Salt 4lb
Kosher Flake Standard 3lb box

Rimming / Sanding Sugars, all natural fruit & veg coloring Black, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Clear, Purple, Royal Blue, Pearlescent Black, Pesrlescent Gold, Pearlescent Silver, Pearlescent Copper, Multicolor, Multicolor Nonpareils ... more 1lb pouch

Organic Dried Spices, Infusion, Bittering, Souring & Emulsifying Ingredients: Bark, Berries, Blossoms, Seeds, Nibs, Roots, Powders, Flowers, Dusts & Granules
▪︎ Acid, Citric Acid, MP, Granules 400g
▪︎ Acid, Lactic Acid, DG, vegan 8oz
▪︎ Acid, Malic Acid, MP, 400g
▪︎ Allspice Whole Organic 16oz

▪︎ Bee Pollen Granules Natural USA 16oz
▪︎ Beeswax Block natural filtered yellow, cask sealing, food grade lubrucant 16oz
▪︎ Burdock Root Cut, Sifted Organic a.lappa 16oz
▪︎ Butterfly Pea Flower WH, Australia 12oz

▪︎ Calendula Flower Pwdr Org 4oz, 16oz
▪︎ Calendula Flowers Whole Organic 4oz
▪︎ Charcoal Powder Act. Hardwood 16oz
▪︎ Cherry Bark Wild Org Cut, Sifted 16oz
▪︎ Chicory Root Granules Rstd Org 16oz

▪︎ Chile Powder Pure Ancho Organic 16oz
▪︎ Chile Powder Chipotle pure chipotle 16oz
▪︎ Chile Powder Dark Roast pure chile 16oz
▪︎ Chile Threads Red Dried Korea 4oz
▪︎ Chile Whole Dried Mexican virtually all varieties available, text or call

▪︎ Cinchona Bark pieces tonic syrup 16oz
▪︎ Cinnamon Sticks Vietnam c.aromaticum Organic 2.75" 16oz

▪︎ Cinnamon Korintje c.burmannii 6" 16oz
▪︎ Cocoa Nibs Raw Organic 16oz
▪︎ Cornflowers Whole 4oz, 16oz

▪︎ Dandelion Rt Cut, Sifted Raw Organic t.officinale 16oz
▪︎ Dulse Leaf Granules Org 1.5oz shaker

▪︎ Gum Arabic Powder, MP, gomme, 400g
▪︎ Gentian Root Organic Cut, Sifted g.lutea 16oz
▪︎ Ginger Root Slice Org Crystallized 16oz
▪︎ Grains of Paradise Whole 16oz

▪︎ Hibiscus Flower Petals Organic 16oz
▪︎ Hibiscus Flower Powder Org 4oz 16oz
▪︎ Hibiscus Flowers Whole Sorrel Jamaica Mexico 16oz

▪︎ Jasmine Flowers Whole 16oz
▪︎ Juniper Berries Whole Organic 16oz

▪︎ Lavender Buds Organic super grade
4oz, 16oz
▪︎ Lecithin Powder from Soy, MP, 400g
▪︎ Licorice Root Sticks Organic 6" 16oz

▪︎ Maple Syrup Granules Org 16oz

▪︎ Nutmeg Whole Organic Sri Lanka m.fragrans 16oz beautiful!

▪︎ Orange Peel Pieces Cut, Sifted 16oz
▪︎ Orange Peel Granules Organic 16oz

▪︎ Peppercorns Black, Red Boat Phu Quoc Island Vietnamese 8oz
▪︎ Peppercorns Green Whole 4oz
▪︎ Peppercorns Pink schinus terebinthifolius 4oz

▪︎ Rosehips Whole Organic 16oz

▪︎ Sarsaparilla Root Pieces 16oz
▪︎ Star Anise Whole Organic i.verum 16oz

▪︎ Stevia Leaf Powder pure stevia 4oz

▪︎ Tajin Classico chile, sea salt, lime 12x14oz

Write your text here...

Woods, Wild Harvested, Hand Split Pieces, Without Bark, Limited Quantities 焼き鳥 yakitori, 고기구이 bbq, smoked cocktails
▪︎ Apple Wood, split pieces, no bark 4x2x1"
▪︎ Black Cherry Heartwood, Wild Harvested 2" pieces
▪︎ Sugar Maple, no bark, Wild Harvested 2" pieces
▪︎ Red Oak Heartwood, Wild Harvested 2" pieces
▪︎ Shagbark Hickory Bark Strips, Wild Harvested 8x2"

Standard Woods, Other Combustibles
▪︎ Cherry Wood Blocks 3" pieces
▪︎ Cherry Wood Planks 4x7x.25"
▪︎ Cherry Wood Shavings, for smoking gun, 4oz
▪︎ Oak Bourbon Barrel Staves, 34"

▪︎ Binchotan 炭 Daimyo Oak, 10kg China, call

▪︎ Wheat Straw 稈 Organic Natural Straw, 4lb, 36lb bale call

▪︎ Ohio Blue Tip Wooden Kitchen Matches 250ct box prepper fave !!!

Seasonal Specialty Citrus, Fruit, Produce Limes Mexico 150 / 175
Limes Dole Premium Mexico 150 / 175
Lemons 140 Cali / Argentina
Oranges Valencia Cali Fancy 56
Oranges Navel / Valencia 56, 88, 113
Grapefruit Star Ruby 48/56 BeeSweet etc
Meyer Lemons Cali 10lb box call
Kaffir Makrut Limes Whole Fresh Cali 1lb
Kumquat Fresh, Chile, 10lb case

Chile, Red Finger Hots, Holland 3kg Chile, Yellow Finger Hots, Holland 3kg Chile, Orange Habanero, Holland 2kg Chile, Red Habanero, Holland 2kg Chile, Yellow Habanero, Holland 2kg Chile, Serano Green 10lb box Chile, Thai Green Bird Chile 1lb Chile, Thai Red Bird Chile 1lb Cucumber Seedless Can/Mex #1 12ct Daikon, White 50lb box Ginger China 5lb, 10lb Ginger Baby Hawaiian Local NJ Horseradish Root Whole Local NJ 5lb Lemongrass 5lb bag Onions White Pearl Peeled 5lb jar much more available, call ...

Berries, Gooseberry Cape 12x3.5oz Berries, Driscoll Strawberries 8x1lb Berries, all other, call Coconut, Young Coconut Thai 9ct Dates on the Vine Dates, all other, call Dragonfruit Red, Yellow 10lb 7-9ct Guanabana 10lb box

Kiwi, 27 - 39ct USA / Chile Lychee Fresh, call Papaya, 9 - 10ct box Passionfruit 10lbs USA count varies Pineapple DM, Chiquita CR 5 - 7ct Pineapple Baby CR 10-12ct call Pineapple DM Pink Glow sz8 6ct crop Rambutan, Honduras 5lb box much more available, call ...

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